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Joyax was a French toy manufacturer. The company, founded by Francis Lan in Marseilles in 1946, originally made wooden toys, but soon specialized into simple and inexpensive vehicle models made of tinplate. In 1949, Joyax introduced a Jeep model in about 1/20th scale, which remained in production for over four decades. It was available friction-powered, with clockwork or without motorization and in many different liveries, of which the fire brigade version was the most popular one. Several other cars and trucks were added to the range in the 1950s and the 1960s. Due to the lack of innovation in his toy range, Francis Lan later had to diversify into manufacturing other products such as film projectors, letter boxes and even childcare articles in order to survive. Production of the outdated tinplate toys was gradually abandoned during the 1980s, and the last fire brigade Jeeps date from the early 1990s.

Willys Jeep
French fire brigade; USA 1946
Joyax (France)
tin, scale 1:20; acquired 2018
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