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Kees was a brand name used for inexpensive diecast and plastic models made in Hong Kong in the 1980s. Besides plastic models of trucks and buses, the company manufactured diecast model cars in about 1/36th (e.g. Saab 9000) and 1/55th scale. The 1/55th scale models are copies of models from the short-lived RN series by Polistil from Italy, with only minor changes and often featuring the same colours and decorations as the Italian models. In Switzerland, Kees is best known for its 1/45th scale model of the Ford T truck which served as the first mobile shop for Migros, nowadays the country's largest supermarket chain. The model was released in 1985 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Migros, and exclusively sold at Migros stores in rather large quantities. But Kees also produced other versions of this Ford truck, including a tanker.

Fiat Ritmo Rally
white; Italy 1980
Kees (Hong Kong), no. RN16
diecast, scale 1:55; acquired 2015
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Ford T
fuel tanker "Shell"; USA 1925
Kees (Hong Kong)
diecast, scale 1:45; acquired 2015
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