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Kovap was founded in 1991, but was, along with Kaden, one of the successors of the Czech company KDN, which had produced tin and plastic toys for several decades. All Kovap models released since the 1990s are made of tin. The first issues were re-editions of German Kellermann CKO models originally made between the 1950s and the 1970s, namely German cars (VW, Mercedes-Benz) in 1/35th and a Büssing bus and a Mercedes-Benz fire engine in 1/50th scale. In addition to these replicas, Kovap has also introduced a 1/32nd scale model of a classic Hawkeye truck, a 1/43rd scale model of a Tatra 815, available as a fire engine or as a racing truck, and various tractors in 1/25th scale. In the early 1990s Kovap also produced some tin toys for the German manufacturer Schuco.

bus "Deutsche Bundesbahn"; Germany 1959
Kovap (Czech Republic), no. 0496
tin, scale 1:50; acquired 1998
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Tatra 815
fire brigade; Czech Republic 1993
Kovap (Czech Republic), no. 0615
tin, scale 1:43; acquired 2008
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