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Lonza, a Polish company based in Gdansk, manufactured six plastic models in scales ranging from 1/36th to 1/43rd in the 1980s: Ferrari 312 PB Can-Am, Mercedes-Benz C111, Datsun 240 Z, Bandolero, Jeep CJ-5, BMW M1. These models were copies of Matchbox ("Super Kings" series) and Corgi products and were all released in various generic racing liveries. Another available model was a friction-powered Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona with plastic body resembling the tinplate model made by Joustra from France. Lonza is thus one of many model car manufacturers from the former East Bloc countries which copied models made by Western European companies.

Mercedes-Benz C 111
ivory/red, race number 112; Germany 1970
Lonza (Poland), no. 432
plastic, scale 1:43; acquired 2013
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