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Micro Mobility Systems is a Swiss company founded by Wim Ouboter in K├╝snacht near Zurich in 1996. It mainly became known for manufacturing Micro Scooters and Kickboards, which became quite popular around the year 2000. In 2016, the company presented the Microlino electric microcar developed in collaboration with Zurich University of Applied Sciences, whose design is inspired by the BMW Isetta. Serial production was initially planned from 2018, but did not start until June 2022 after a legal dispute and a thorough revision of the prototype. A keychain in form of a Microlino model was available as a promotional item, and mainly distributed at fairs and other events where the original car was presented. It is a simple 1/64th scale plastic model with fixed wheels and no interior detail, in the white and blue colour scheme of the first Microlino prototype.

first prototype, white/blue (keychain); Switzerland 2016
Micro Mobility Systems (Switzerland)
plastic, scale 1:64; acquired 2018
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