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During the Soviet reign, Norma, a large factory in the Estonian capital Tallinn, manufactured products such as flashlights for photographers, hair dryers, mixers, self made kit radios and parts for the car industry (notably safety belts), but also plastic toys. Besides other toy cars and commercial vehicles, the range included several big scale plastic models of the Estonia racing cars, which were also made in Tallinn: four single seaters as used in the Soviet Formula 1600 racing series (Estonia 16M, 19, 20 and 21) in 1/24th scale and a go-kart (Estonia K6M) in 1/16th scale. Like the original cars, these models, which were inexpensive and produced in large quantities, date from the 1970s and 1980s. In the 1990s, Norma re-issued several 1/20th scale plastic models made from moulds by the Finnish manufacturer Stahlberg: VW Golf, Mercedes-Benz 200 T, Saab Lancia 600.

Estonia 16M
red, race number 13; Estonia 1971
Norma (Estonia), no. 7-E
plastic, scale 1:24; acquired 2018
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Estonia 20
orange/white, race number 9; Estonia 1980
Norma (Estonia), no. 28-E
plastic, scale 1:24; acquired 2017
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Estonia K6M
go-kart, yellow; Estonia 1980
Norma (Estonia), no. 25-E
plastic, scale 1:16; acquired 2011
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