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The Italian firm Old Cars, based in Quarona in the Piemont region, started its career in 1978 with a series of five 1/43rd scale diecast antique cars, which remained in production for ten years. But from 1980 on, 1/43rd scale models of Italian vans, trucks, buses and construction vehicles have dominated the company's product range. The only exception were two historic Formula 1 racing cars (Talbot Lago and Maserati) issued in 1982. Unlike the classic road and racing cars, the models of the contemporary commercial vehicles soon proliferated and appeared in a multitude of versions and logo types (Fiat, Iveco, OM, Unic), including fire engines, ambulances, police and municipal vehicles, and racing car transporters.

Model manufacturer: Old Cars

  Fiat Campagnola
Italian police (Carabinieri); Italy 1974
Old Cars (Italy), article no. 30400
diecast, scale 1:43; acquired 2010
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