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In 1989, the German sports car make Porsche became a model car manufacturer: The concept car Panamericana, made to commemorate company founder Ferry Porsche’s 80th birthday, was presented at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt, and all Porsche collaborators, as well as the guests at Ferry Porsche’s private birthday party, got a 1/43rd scale diecast model of this car as a gift. The model is screwed on a brass plate, on which the date "19.9.89" and the signature "F. Porsche" are engraved. It was limited to 6000 items and was never put on sale, and the moulds were subsequently destroyed. It thus became a highly collectable item. The actual manufacturer of the model is not indicated. The finish reminds of contemporary Porsche promotional models by NZG, but the Panamericana miniature does not feature any opening parts.

Porsche Panamericana
green metallic; Germany 1989
Porsche (Germany)
diecast, scale 1:43; acquired 2020
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