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Road Champs, an American company, introduced their first 1/64th scale models in 1982. Quality and finish of these models was similar to contemporary Matchbox and Majorette models. The range mainly consisted of US cars, but several European and Japanese sports and luxury cars were also modelled. Later models from the early 1990s were slightly less detailed, but from 2000 on the quality of the Road Champs models increased again. Road Champs also produced modelcars in scales other than 1/64th, namely a series of US police cars in 1/43rd scale, as well as classic vans, pick-ups and muscle cars in the same scale. The police car models have often been used as a base for customized versions (Code 3 models), too.

Model manufacturer: Road Champs

  Ford Crown Victoria
Russian police (Moscow) (Code 3 by; USA 1999
Road Champs (China)
diecast, scale 1:43; acquired 2004
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  Jeep Grand Cherokee
black; USA 1995
Road Champs (China), article no. 6470
diecast, scale 1:43; acquired 2011
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