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Roly Toys was a Brazilian manufacturer of diecast miniatures in about 1/64th scale, based in Rio de Janeiro. Their first models, a Willys Interlagos and a DKW Vemaguet, were released in 1965, other models of domestic prototypes followed. But the company stopped its own production to import Matchbox models made in England by the Lesney company already in the late 1960s, and later manufactured Matchbox models in Brazil under the name of Inbrima, using the same installations in Rio de Janeiro as well as a new factory in Manaus in the Amazonas region. When Lesney went bankrupt in 1982, the whole equipment was sold, and Roly Toys went out of business. White metal reeditions of the first two Roly Toys models were introduced by Automodelli, a Brazilian manufacturer of handbuilt models, in 2011. These models were available in various colours and liveries and only produced in limited numbers.

DKW Vemaguet
light yellow, "DKW-Vemag"; Brazil 1964
Roly Toys (Brazil), no. 2
white metal, scale 1:59; acquired 2013
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