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Spot-On is the name of a Northern Ireland (and partly New Zealand) made range of diecast models introduced by the British toy manufacturer Tri-ang in 1959. Unlike the competing products by Dinky Toys and Corgi, all Spot-On models are in exact 1/42nd scale. There was a wide range of models: microcars, saloons and sports cars, trucks, vans and buses, but also accessories such as roads, buildings and figures. Due to the high level of detail and the "constant scale policy", the Spot-On models were quite expensive and thus not very successful: Production ceased in 1967. In 2008, the French company Norev announced a new range of Spot-On replicas. The first models of this range were released two years later.

Meadows Frisky Sport
turquoise; United Kingdom 1957
Spot-On (United Kingdom), no. 119
diecast, scale 1:42; acquired 2010
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