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16.01.2000 05:27

I'm a die-cast military vehicle models collector. Altough ordered from the United States, most of the models are European made (French, Czech Republic, Portugal, England). Any information about European dealers who will accept foreign orders through the web will be appreciated !

Pedro Alexanderson Rodríguez
07.01.2000 07:19

Hola, soy mexicano, y estoy comenzando mi colección de autos a escala, Conoci Suiza el año pasado, tengo familia es Studen, cerca de Berna, Milko y Gaby Kuatropanni. - Hello, I'm mexican, i begin mi colection off scale-cars, i went to Suiza last year, i have famili in studen, near Berna, Milko and Gaby Kuatropanni, excuse me for my bad english. Do ou want to be my friend?

Linda Godleman
06.01.2000 23:51

I collect Yesteryear and Lledo models and will shortly be selling some of them off if you're interested?

Jan Freiwald
04.12.1999 22:51

Nice collection, Daniel! Interested in Jaguar D-type 1/9th scale? It's handmade (by me) and radio controlled!

Robert A. Brown
01.12.1999 22:01

If you have a catalog please send it to me my address is 120 WashingtonSt apt.32 East Orange NJ,07017 USA

Jane Nassiri
28.11.1999 18:50

Hi I am looking for a model of the Humber Super Snipe 3. Does anyone know where i can get one from. Many thanks

jason long
11.11.1999 20:07

Hello,I've been trying to find this die-cast Mitsubishi FTO maybe u could help me as i tried asking for it in Singapore but most of the model shop only bring in europe continental die-cast car.

Tony Parker
09.11.1999 00:52

I've just seen your model of the Lincoln Continental -(Kennedys assasination car), in todays(English) Daily Star (8/11/99). Is this model for sale?. Or where can it be bought? Many Thanks

Rob Vaneker
08.11.1999 12:25

Hi Iam a member of DDS Netherlands I have a large collection Dinky/Toys Still searching for dinky coll. models and gamma/corgi you have doubles ? Pls hopefully send me a message

erik van den bulck
23.10.1999 15:44

Great Internet site. Congratulations. Do you know where I can buy a model of Verbiest's turbine car? I would love to have one in my collection of historic engines.

22.10.1999 16:12

Interesting site. I have a fairly large collection of Matchbox (Dinky, Models of Yesteryear, etc) and Trax models, as well as some miscallaneous others. I try to limit myself to 1:43 scale. Aaanyway, what really compelled me to sign your guestbook was the fact that there exists a model, of all things the Hyundai Lantra.. I thought I'd seen everything... Oh and as a useless bit of info you may or may not already know, Trax have made some models of a more recent Holden (the late '80s VL Commodore), but frankly I think the quality and over-all impression of the model doesn't compare to the other models. See ya.

06.09.1999 01:58


Ronnie Tan
08.06.1999 12:14

Nice collection. It is interesting to know that there is still a Cugnot steamer model that exists.

Robert Carvalho
08.06.1999 10:19

I live in Brazil and I love your site. I have a Renault Scenic (scale 1:1) and I was gaped to see your scale 1:43 of same color of my car. Congratulations.

Mark Burns
02.06.1999 15:12

Daniel We love your site, it is very informative. I noticed your links page is not properly working at the moment hope you can fix it soon. Please take a look at our site if you get a chance. Best regards
Mark Burns

Michaela Dangl
20.04.1999 20:13

It has been great checking your page, since I intend to get a 1966 acapulco blue thunderbird.

David whitehouse
15.04.1999 16:58

I am a great fan of the model car industry. In 1990 i started my hobby because i did not have any friends and therefore took up this really great hobby. I have no friends because my father is a tax man please do not hold this against me. PLEASE BE MY FRIEND. If you become my friend we can have endless hours of funfilled conversation involving model cars and any other interesting hobby.

John R. Kohn
12.04.1999 07:31

very nice web site. I also collect die cast models but limit myself to european sports and racing cars. at present i have over 150 different cars in the collection. most are 1:43 and 1:18 scale. a few of the grand prix cars are in 1:64. enjoy talking about models with anyone interested.

01.04.1999 17:18

Congratulations, very nice collection. Do you know if models of Ukrainian car Zhaporoz is available ?? Any hint welcome. Reagrds Guido

27.02.1999 07:39

hello Daniel I'm from Thailand