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23.08.2002 17:54

I am looking for a wholesaler that can supply my business with Revell of Germany Models. Need many different models plus all the Isetta models. Please advise at your convience. THANK YOU

joe carino
12.08.2002 16:37

need schuco 5560 amphibio car want to buy do you have it

f michel
13.07.2002 14:55

Want to swap photos of trucks 50 to _80, mainly from africa and south america.

Alexander Veresciaginas
07.07.2002 10:11

nice to see

13.06.2002 01:05

i love the wonderful work you guys are doing.

02.04.2002 03:06

Hello ! My name is Schamil, I from Russia. I would like to create contact to collectors of scale models of automobiles for an exchange and correspondences. I collect models 1/43 and 1/24 scales, especially interest models - "taxi". For an exchange I have 1/43 scale, automobile and cargo models of manufacture Russia ("Tantal", "Agat", "Ýlekon"). Kamaz - truck, Zil, Volga, Moskvich, Lada, Niva, Uaz and others, and also (modular) Russia models of tanks, planes and military engineering. Also I can present your interests in Russia on search of the models necessary to you.
Yours faithfully
Keimurzin Schamil, my address: E - MILE: 410018 Russia Saratov Str. Fedorovskaya 1 - 223 Keimurzin Schamil

Berndt Roelvink
20.03.2002 00:02

Very nice site with a lot of information good to see For your information I have a Carminiature museum in Holland. when you like to know more
Goodluck with your site

05.02.2002 21:49

Very nice site! I'm into 1:18ths myself, but there are some great 1:43rds that I wish would be made in 1:18th so I could get them! Maybe you could add a link to my site on your collectors page? It shows my collection of cars (all 1:18th) which is over 350 in total now. I'll add a link to this site to my own site also. Good luck! Ronan

andrew watson
28.12.2001 15:00

After searching for a couple of rare models I had seen years earlier, I found this posted message on this site. I have been looking for a Police Lamborghini SE30 along with a 22ct Gold Plated SE30 from GWILO. I enquired about them from Mr Wellbelove and got a speedy reply telling me that they were available (YIPPEE!). I then requested a price (inc p&p) and this was agreed upon. Sent the cheque away and recieved my models 8 days later (remember it was Christmas) heavily packaged and in pristine (excuse the pun) showroom condition. I will be dealing with Mr Wellbelove again and I'm now after my next model!! 11/10 Graham

Barbakadze Boris
07.12.2001 15:45

Perfect site!

D. L. Rindone
30.11.2001 09:40

I would VERY much like to know where I can get reproduction tires for vintage Dinky Toys, late 40s through early 60s, including Dublo, small passenger car (i.e. Triumph Herald, etc.), regular passenger car (Ford, Chrysler, etc.) and Supertoy size. Thank you for your kind assistance.

Miguel Hans
28.11.2001 13:18

Nice site,keep it up.

24.11.2001 16:27

Nice site...big collection! I've been collecting for a couple of years, now having some 60 touring car models (all 1:43 scale, mainly Onyx and Minichamps). If you, or any of your guests know of a Minichamps Volvo 850 Estate from BTCC up for sale, please contact me on this e-mail address. Keep on collecting...... Woody

22.11.2001 10:03

HELP ME!!! I am urgently looking for a LADA 2100 or 2101 model, late or mid '80 (must have round headlights) and willing to pay good money for it... please mail me if you can help me!

06.11.2001 19:58

Great site !!!! Daniel , greetings from Ukraine ! Thanks !!!! New Limited-edition die-cast models from Ukraine : 1/43 from Vector-Models "Leningrad L-1"mod .1933-soviet copy of Pañkard; ZiS-6 vith MAXIM A.A. M.G. -Mini-Classik ,Magirus Mercur , Mercedes Benz-O302-3 versions ,FIAT -421,Berliet PLH-70- Vector-Models , BTR-40, BTR-152,"ATAMAN-Ermak"--Kimmerija, ZIL-111 limousine-Kherson-Models

David Cooke
12.10.2001 17:07

A lovely site.I have collected cars for some time. I only wish I had kept(or my mother had) my childhood dinkys. Back to 1930s!

13.06.2001 14:02

Daniel, greetings from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, and congrats on your excellent and informative site!! I've been collecting models of antique and vintage cars from around the world for about 25 years; would be delighted to share knowledge and possibly swap model cars.

m.mustafa haider
24.05.2001 06:57

i would like to see the pictures of mitsubishi lancer 1990-92

otis smith
21.05.2001 19:08

hella cool

Daniel Henricksen
08.05.2001 11:06

great site!!! but i need help in trying to trace the origin of a wind up toy truck i own. Its a tin petrol tanker with BP in gold letters on the side of the red tank,the base is black and the cabin of the truck is green,about 6inches long,rubber tyres and a metal grill and headlights. The name on the bottom i think reads MIMIC TOYS.i have no idea about the age or value (if any)of the toy,if any one has any idea ,email me at Thanks