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11.01.2001 05:50

Great website! You've got a comprehensive listing of models and manufacturers, clear pictures, details of various scales and useful links! Your hard work is very much appreciated (especially to me as a collector!) Thanks. WELL DONE!

Jay Stenklyft
10.01.2001 23:06

had a balst in Hilbert.

anna-marta kallberg-stenklyft
11.11.2000 21:07

nice to see so meny stenklyft at thesame time.i meat 65 of them in hilbert in august.we are waiting for winter.regards from anna-marta

milton sanford
11.08.2000 19:23

i like to see 1/64 or 1/32 cars and semi trucks bigbud

jon stenklyft
11.08.2000 08:01

great site

Alistair Stewart
03.07.2000 12:12

Kia Ora from New Zealand Thanks Daniel for your interesting site Ka kite a no

Jesus Trigueros Flores
30.06.2000 20:20

your collection is very good, but, I think you need a model cars scale 1:87 herpa,brekina,or wiking, busch. I have a 200 cars scales 1:87,1:66 1:43, 1:24, and 1:18 since 1972. congratulations! best regards jesus trigueros from monterrey mexico.

Massimo Buonaiuto
23.06.2000 19:44

What a brilliant website!!!!!!

Malcolm Attard
22.06.2000 11:00

Great car collection. I'm looking for a Seat Ibiza scale model or kit. Can anybody help me? Thanks

scott sargeant
12.03.2000 23:07

I am looking for any Detamaso Pantera models. Can you help me? Thanks

albrecht barajas
06.03.2000 06:03

Daniel, your site is really fine. I´m looking forward on accquiring a big collection of 1/43 cars, mainly european and from 1946- onwards. Nowadays I have a big collection of 1/60´s Majorette and Matchbox from 70´s vintage to the early 90´s. Thank you for showing the world the seriousness of car collecting

Glen Williams
23.02.2000 05:54

Excellent site was looking for a model af a 1928 Ford A Phaeton

Steve Wilson
31.01.2000 00:13

I want an Aston-Martin DB5 like you have! I had one just like it as a child (was born in 1959). Can't believe I missed out on the re-issue in 1995! - Steve

f michel
30.01.2000 11:57

i want old model trucks from south america and africa .

Joe Stroup
29.01.2000 01:35

I am looking to buy 1:18 scale models of cars I have owned. Can anyone help me find: 1970 Fiat 850 Spider, 1970 Austin America, 1980 Rover 3500, 1956 MGA, 1963 MGB, 1970 Lotus Europa, 1967 Aston Martin DB6. Thanks very much - Joe Stroup

Wayne Davis
22.01.2000 05:32

Hi, Daniel. Nice site. I live on Galveston Island, about 50 miles south of Houston, Texas, USA, and collect English and French Dinky Toys. I'm pleased to see that you have some of them in your collection.

16.01.2000 05:27

I'm a die-cast military vehicle models collector. Altough ordered from the United States, most of the models are European made (French, Czech Republic, Portugal, England). Any information about European dealers who will accept foreign orders through the web will be appreciated !

Pedro Alexanderson Rodríguez
07.01.2000 07:19

Hola, soy mexicano, y estoy comenzando mi colección de autos a escala, Conoci Suiza el año pasado, tengo familia es Studen, cerca de Berna, Milko y Gaby Kuatropanni. - Hello, I'm mexican, i begin mi colection off scale-cars, i went to Suiza last year, i have famili in studen, near Berna, Milko and Gaby Kuatropanni, excuse me for my bad english. Do ou want to be my friend?

Linda Godleman
06.01.2000 23:51

I collect Yesteryear and Lledo models and will shortly be selling some of them off if you're interested?

Jan Freiwald
04.12.1999 22:51

Nice collection, Daniel! Interested in Jaguar D-type 1/9th scale? It's handmade (by me) and radio controlled!