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AMT (Aluminium Model Toys) was founded by West Gallogly Sr. in Troy, Michigan, in 1948, as a manufacturer of pre-assembled 1/25th scale promotional models for the American car industry. The very first model, a Ford Sedan, was cast in aluminium, but in 1949 plastic injection moulding became available and aluminium was abandoned. Along with Jo-Han, AMT became one of the leading American manufacturers of plastic promotional model cars in the 1950s and later also diversified into plastic model kits. From about 1970 onwards, the general interest in pre-assembled promotional models faded, and kits became the main product made by AMT, but occasional promotional models were still released in the following years. In 1977, AMT was taken over by British Lesney, makers of Matchbox, who sold the company to Ertl in 1981. The plastic models were subsequently marketed under the AMT/Ertl brand name. After Ertl had become a part of the RC2 group, AMT was purchased by Round 2 in 2007.

Pontiac GTO
yellow; USA 1966
AMT (USA), no. M 759-79
plastic, scale 1:43; acquired 2014
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