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Jo-Han was an American manufacturer of plastic promotional model cars and kits. The company was founded in Detroit in 1947 by tool and die maker John Hanley and originally produced model aircraft and promotional items, in the first years still under the name of Ideal Model. The first 1/25th scale promotional models for the car industry were released for Chrysler and Pontiac in the mid-1950s. Over the following two decades, Jo-Han became one of the leading manufacturers of such models, competing with AMT and later also with MPC. The company was best known for its Chrysler models, though American Motors, Oldsmobile, Cadillac and Studebaker were also well represented in the range. Early models often feature friction drive, and their plastic bodies made of cellulose acetate tend to warp. In 1964, the material was replaced by the more rigid polystyrene. The car models, as well as some racing versions, were also available as kits. The last newly developed Jo-Han promotional model was the 1979 Cadillac Eldorado. In the 1980s, Jo-Han made some re-editions of the old promotional models, which were distributed by a branch company called X-El Products. The company was purchased by Seville Enterprises, a manufacturer of plastic parts for the car industry, in 1991 and by Okey Spaulding, a resin parts producer from Covington, Kentucky, in 2000. In both cases, the new owners also re-issued some of the promotional models, but only for a short time and in very limited quantities.

Studebaker Lark Convertible
white; USA 1962
Jo-Han (USA), no. P-3162C
plastic, scale 1:25; acquired 2021
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