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Anguplas was a Spanish manufacturer of plastic models founded by Jorge Angusto Amillach in 1958. The company was in business until 1966 and is mainly known for its "Minicars" series in which more than 100 different models of contemporary and classic cars, as well as trucks and buses in 1/86th scale, were released. Some of these models were made in collaboration with Norev, but the majority were original designs, including many models of Spanish prototypes. Seven classic cars were also produced in 1/43rd scale in the "Super Minicars" series. When Anguplas ceased production, the moulds were taken over by the former competitor Eko. Concentra models from Mexico were also made from Anguplas moulds.

Le Z├Ębre
red/black; France 1913
Anguplas (Spain), no. SMC 4
plastic, scale 1:43; acquired 2017
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Sava T-58
butane transporter, orange; Spain 1959
Anguplas (Spain), no. MC 66
plastic, scale 1:86; acquired 2017
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