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MPC (Model Products Corporation) was an American manufacturer of plastic models founded by George Toteff, the former president of AMT, in Mount Clemens, Michigan, in 1963. The company produced detailed kits and pre-assembled 1/25th scale promotional models of cars. In the business of promotional models for the American car industry, MPC was preceded by AMT and Jo-Han, but while AMT more commonly collaborated with Ford and Jo-Han mainly produced for Chrysler and American Motors at that time, the new company had more success with licensing contracts of General Motors Corporation vehicles. Nevertheless, the very first promotional models released by MPC were of Chrysler Corporation vehicles. In the mid-1980s, MPC was taken over by Ertl. The brand name came into possession of the company Round 2 in 2007 and was resurrected by the new owner for a range of classic model kits.

Chevrolet El Camino
brown metallic; USA 1979
plastic, scale 1:25; acquired 2011
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