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Microcar Models was initiated by Graham Harpin, a British model car collector specialized in models of microcars such as Isetta, Messerschmitt, Fiat 500 and 600, as well as three-wheelers from the United Kingdom and other countries. Graham presented his collection on his own web site, and in 2005 he introduced his first own model car, a 1/43rd scale white metal model of the Czech Velorex three-wheeler. 50 items of this handbuilt model have been produced. 1/43rd scale models of the Peel P50 and Peel Trident, made by the British manufacturer Autosculpt for Microcar Models, followed. These models are cast in solid resin mixed with metal powder to give a shiny pewter effect finish when polished.

Velorex 16/350
brown; Czech Republic 1965
Microcar Models (United Kingdom)
white metal, scale 1:43; acquired 2005
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