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Model cars were manufactured by Nacoral, a company based in Zaragoza in Northern Spain, from the late 1950s until the late 1970s. Their most notable products were the "Chiqui Cars" range of 1/43rd scale plastic models introduced in 1965 and the "Inter Cars" range of diecast models in the same scale, started in 1970. In 1972, several model cars previously produced by Sablon from Belgium were added to this range. Many of the other Nacoral 1/43rd scale models were strongly inspired by contemporary products by other European manufacturers such as Norev, Solido, Corgi, Mercury, Politoys and Mebetoys. In addition to the "Chiqui Cars" and "Inter Cars" ranges, Nacoral produced a wide range of model vehicles in other scales, e.g. diecast model cars in 1/24th and 1/66th scale, plastic models of classic cars in various scales, 1/32nd and 1/15th scale motorbikes, and even remote-controlled plastic toy cars. Outside Spain, Nacoral models were made under various licences in Belgium, Colombia, New Zealand and Japan.

De Tomaso Mangusta
red; Italy 1967
Nacoral (Spain), no. 106
diecast, scale 1:43; acquired 2014
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Mercedes-Benz 250 SE
dark turquoise; Germany 1965
Nacoral (Colombia), no. 2012
plastic, scale 1:43; acquired 2014
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