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Modelauto, a model car shop in Leeds, England, has manufactured and distributed handbuilt models under the Rapide name since the 1980s. Besides these models, Modelauto has also released models and transkits in ranges such as Sun, Bugattiana und Bijou, and has published the magazine "Model Auto Review" since 1982. A new Rapide range consisting of comparatively inexpensive handbuilt resin and white metal models was introduced in 2006. The range is very diversified and includes, among others, Reliant, Bond and Piaggio three-wheelers, Morris and BSA cars from the 1930s and British ambulances, fire engines and police cars, mostly in 1/43rd scale. Some of the models were originally made by other manufacturers, e.g. S.A.M.S and Scottoy.

Bond A
ivory, closed; United Kingdom 1950
Rapide (United Kingdom), no. 102
resin, scale 1:43; acquired 2006
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