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Bijou was a series of handbuilt models launched in 1998 by Rod Ward, owner of the model car shop Modelauto in Leeds, England, and publisher of the magazine "Model Auto Review". Rod had already begun producing reissues of handbuilt models from other manufacturers, as well as some newly developed white-metal models, under the name of Sun Motor Company in 1983, and in 1991 he had introduced the Rapide (classic cars in 1/43rd scale) and Bugattiana (Bugatti models) series. In the Bijou range, uncommon vehicles were issued such as the Bugatti 52 and Austin Pathfinder children's cars, a Vespa scooter with bazooka as used by the French military, as well as caravans and other trailers. However, the main part of the range consisted of resin transkits to convert 1/43rd scale Vanguards models: Triumph Herald Estate and Courier, Reliant Regal saloon, Austin A35 pick-up, A60 Estate and Allegro Estate, Vauxhall Victor Estate, Hillman Husky, Commer Cob, Morris Marina Estate, pick-up and van. Production already ceased by the mid-2000s, but stocks continued to be sold off for several years.

Austin Pathfinder
pedal car, light blue; United Kingdom 1949
Bijou (United Kingdom), no. 3
white metal, scale 1:43; acquired 2021
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