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The Dutch company WSI Models was established in 2006 and manufactures diecast models of trucks, vans, trailers and construction vehicles in 1/50th, 1/64th and 1/87th scale in China. It emerged from Tematoys, a company producing 1/50th scale diecast model trucks from 1994 to 2006. The range of 1/64th scale models was originally called "Thematoys", but later the original spelling of the predecessing company was used for models in 1/43rd, 1/64th and 1/87th scale, in addition to the production under the company's own name. Promotional models for companies and organizations, among others for Dutch truckage and construction companies as well as for the postal services in Iceland (Frímerkjasalan), Finland and on the Åland Islands, form a large proportion of the production, but many models are also available at specialized model car shops.

VW Caddy A3
Finnish postal service; Germany 2004
WSI Models (China), no. posti10
diecast, scale 1:50; acquired 2014
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