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In 1990 s.e.s (Schmidt Electronic Systeme) from Berlin started producing 1/87th scale plastic models using the Espewe moulds from the former GDR. The company has also developed some new models, e.g. a Trabant 601 (also available in a set with a piece of stone from the Berlin Wall), a Lada 2105 and an IFA W50 truck. Furthermore, they bought some moulds from other manufacturers such as IMU, and in 1991 they reissued 1/40th scale models of the Borgward Isabella saloon and coupé originally made by Novopax as promotional models for Borgward in the early 1960s. s.e.s changed their name to Modelltec in 2003.

Model manufacturer: s.e.s

  Borgward Isabella Coupé
white; Germany 1960
s.e.s (Germany)
plastic, scale 1:40; acquired 2001
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  Trabant 601
beige, with piece from the Berlin Wall; GDR 1989
s.e.s (Germany)
plastic, scale 1:87; acquired 2018
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