In the 1970s, obsolete model cars made by European manufacturers were reissued in Mexico: Concentra, a Mexican supermarket chain, let produce 1/86th scale plastic model cars based on Spanish Anguplas models. McGregor acquired Politoys castings from Italy and manufactured 1/43rd scale diecast and plastic models, partly in specific Mexican liveries, e.g. as police or fire brigade cars. Fantasias Plasticas (FanPlas) also offered Politoys copies made of plastic. Furthermore, Mexico was also used as a production country by several companies from the USA: In the 1960s, Lodela manufactured plastic models by Revell, including a series of cars from the Chrysler group in 1/87th scale. Ertl, Mattel (Hot Wheels) and Tonka manufactured toy and model cars in the southern neighbouring country. Furthermore, various Mexican manufacturers made, or still make, simple plastic toy cars: Proarce released a series of delivery vans as promotional models for the Mexican food company Bimbo in the 1990s, and Plásticos Impala offers a wide range of cars and trucks in various scales, including models of the VW Beetle as built in Mexico until 2003. In the meantime, collectors can also get detailed scale models of this car, undoubtedly the most popular Mexican-built car ever: Schuco has released 1/18th and 1/43rd scale models of the Mexican VW Beetle, Ixo another 1/43rd scale model. A 1/72nd scale diecast model of a Mexican Sultana bus, released by the publisher Luppa Solutions in a partwork for the South American market in late 2013, as well as the partwork "Grandes autos memorables en México" started by the publishing house Altaya in May 2016, in which, besides some Mexican VWs and other models, several cars of the Mexican brand VAM have been released, were also made by Ixo.

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