In the United Arab Emirates, the Emirates Driving Institute based in Dubai has released a 1/43rd scale diecast model of a 2004 Nissan Sunny driving school car as a promotional item. The model and its box have no indication of the actual manufacturer and its country of origin, but the model, which is probably made in China, depicts a Nissan Sunny version made for the Middle East countries (corresponds to the Nissan Sentra in other markets). Various manufacturers have released models of the Lykan HyperSport super sports car, which has been designed and built by the Dubai based company W Motors, notably Jada Toys (diecast models with opening parts, including the typical rear-opening doors, in 1/18th, 1/24th and 1/32nd scale), Buonarte (1/18th and 1/43rd scale resin models), FrontiArt (resin, 1/18th and 1/87th scale), Keng Fai (diecast, 1/18th and 1/43rd scale) and Topmarques (resin, 1/18th scale). The more recent Fenyr SuperSport by W Motors has also been made as a resin model by FrontiArt in 1/18th scale and by Buonarte in 1/43rd scale, and there is also an inexpensive 1/32nd scale diecast miniature, in this case by MSZ. Models of the super sports cars as used by Dubai police are quite popular and have been made, among others, by Ixo, Majorette, Tomica, Autoart, and Tarmac Works.