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09.12.2007 01:43

I am trying to remember a brand of toy car I was infatuated with during my childhood. I looked through your list of car manufacturers and didn't recognize the brand as being in your list. I had quite a collection that disappeared over time and before I could realize their value and meaning. The cars were of superior quality and bought at a specialty toy store. The fairly sure the manufacturers name started with an "L" and seemed (in my mind) to have probably been of British origin. Among the cars I had was a Batmobile and a 007 Aston Martin with ejection seat and a bullet proof shield that popped up from the trunk area when a button was pushed. Any ideas on who made these cars? Thank you.

06.10.2007 15:18

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14.05.2007 00:44

Congratulations is really a great site. I learned many things about models and manufaturers. Thank you very much.
A little contribution: Verbiest model (Brumm x6) is 1/6 scale (no 1/43) It was not a real vehicle. Only a toy for demonstration for China emperor.

13.05.2007 00:33

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24.07.2005 20:25

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