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30.05.2005 15:29


What a lot of links!! Can I advise another one:


Bob Reck
13.01.2005 02:18

Great site. Was wondering if I could get mine added to your links list. I sell promotional model cars and other model kits on my online store... Thanks for your consideration.

Viljar Sard
13.10.2004 11:36

You have nice models !
Are You interested of 1/43 models only?
As I'm living in Estonia ,I can trade You
Soviet (Russian) modelcars ?
LMK ,if You are interested.
With Best Wishes

30.08.2004 09:45

Hi, great site. Check my Bburago web site at

Simon Wilson
12.08.2004 22:24

Looks like there's more real good die casts of Chinese branded cars coming online.

I see you have a CA30 truck, but the CMC fit and finish does not compare to the the Jie Fang CA10 replica, the first mass produced car/truck in China from Century Dragon - check out the UNDER BODY!

The 1:43 truck was given a great 2 page review at Model Collector. The link for this is at the following,

Yago Carrascal
09.07.2004 04:26

Need to find Polistil's 1:25 scale model of Jaguar's Series 2 XJ6 sedan (1973-79) in regency red. It was made from 1977-??

27.06.2004 06:14

Seeking Gamda/Koor Sabra BUS models
if anyone has, knows or where I can purchase
please reply and advise

Harold Summers
24.04.2004 18:35

Trying to find a copy of "Model Cars from Israel"

22.04.2004 04:01


Jo de Manne
31.03.2004 19:14

anyone want to buy some of my models ?
in the menu hobby's, choose modelcars

27.03.2004 00:32

Nice website and great collection! I collect diecast tanks and armour. It was good to visit your site and check out other deicast vehicles!

bobby guillotte
28.12.2003 19:50

nice site! I have a wish list of cars that I have been looking for a long time--a 58,59, or 60 thunderbird--a 60 oldsmobile 98--a 59 chevy impala without the wheelkit--a 60 buick--and a 57,58 or 60 dodge-- any ideas where I could find them? Bob

Shane Telford
29.11.2003 16:32

Hi there Daniel, I live in Australia and have been collecting model cars for about the same time as you i have just shy of 600 models all ranging in scale from 1:64 to 1:10
I thoroughly enjoyed your site

26.11.2003 15:46

lovely site thanks and be cooool

Menahem Yachad
26.11.2003 14:23

Great Site - I just discovered what the origin of my Sabra Gamda Koor Volkswagen is. It's been gathering dust, and I always wondered where it came from.

22.11.2003 16:39


10.11.2003 23:04

Hello from Germany You have a nice page

Nick Galousis
05.11.2003 15:19

I've just discovered you've got a 1/43 model of Autobianchi Y10 by Polistil. I've been looking for this model for 14 years! I didn't know it existed! Any idea where I can find one? I want it desperately. Any offers? Nick Galousis

29.10.2003 20:33

I would like to know where to find a good selection of Harley Davidson modles...all scales.

Jose Delgado
29.10.2003 17:34

Tengo una Coleccion a escala de Volkswagen Watercooler Tengo Jetta 2,3,a Golf1,2,3,4 Corrado , Passat , y varios mas . Busco un jetta MK1 para mi coleecio de Jettas si alguen sabe donde consegurlo enviearme un email. Gracias