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21.10.2010 10:27

Fantastic site...I like your site and amazing car. And amazing collection of cars and thanks for the information....and all the best!

Jean-Philippe Rossel
16.10.2010 00:22

Wouahh... magnifique!
Mais quel travail... félicitations!

07.10.2010 10:45

I sent you email. Please check it out!
Best regards

27.09.2010 15:07

Nice website! I have some questions about Hyundai Pony police version. Could you please mail me?
Best regards

26.05.2010 12:26

Nice place. many wonderful cars. Greatings from Sweden

25.05.2010 15:57


22.03.2010 09:05

Thanks for your site

22.03.2010 09:03

This site is very interessant!

30.10.2009 07:44

Interesting site with a very clear focus. You managed to pool together informations that I wouldn't even have thought of!

26.10.2009 16:41

Great Site, A mine of information!!
Has anyone else noticed that the licence plate on IXO's Wartburg 353 (IST 014-Red 1985 model) is wrong?
Its plate starts with 2 letters, which is up to 1976. BUT from some time in 1976 DDR licence plates changed to 3 letters!
Best Wishes. Y.

26.10.2009 10:10

Respected Collector,
I am from Iran .Your site is a fantastic and vauable source of information. Excellent work. I had been looking to build up my collection of model cars and your site has provided some great and innovative ideas.
Thanks and best wishes

26.01.2009 23:42

oh sorry, I noticed that you're from Switzerland ;)

26.01.2009 23:39

I'am from Poland, so at first I want to apolgize for my english, if i write something wrong etc. ;) refer to country where i come from, i'am really happy that someone from USA (i guess :) if i'am wrong correct me) got models of polish cars. My collection is about 350 models too (mainly in 1/18th scale)

Farrukh Karamat
17.10.2008 18:54

Your site is a fantastic source of information. Excellent work. I had been looking to build up my collection of cars and your site has provided some great ideas. Thanks

Basbug Samancioglu
25.08.2008 22:09

Congratulations on this really professional and competent job of presenting your valuable collection.

Shane Nassif
25.08.2008 16:18

Very nice site, i have taken over my dads collection, there are about 12000 pieces in the collection, you have given me some great ideas, thanks

Mark Abramowitz
21.07.2008 22:59

Great website

31.03.2008 02:09

The collection is very nice, i collect scale cars too, and i have some exotic models made in Mexico. im sure, you never seen or known about this wellmade models ( some manufactured under licenses) if you are interested contact me. regards from MEXICO. - owner
06.03.2008 07:33

I saw you have at least 2 Bulgarian models. You can take a look at - it is a reference site for all Matchbox, Gama, Schuco models made in Bulgaria.
You have done a lot of good work!

John Howard
02.02.2008 13:44

Lovely Collection which I happened on by good luck. I am compiling a list of models of all scales only of cars and pick ups (just for the heck of it) and your collection has added more than a couple to that list. My own collection now is in excess of 7600 models but there were more than a few in yours I would be very happy to have in mine. Keep collecting!