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Steven Masson
29.10.2013 06:48

Hi Daniel,
I've just come across your great site!
Very informative & interesting (good work).
Please could you add my site to your list of links:
I will add your site to my list of links (Thanks)
I've been collecting since around 1968/69 (the intro of Hot Wheels to the UK) & my collection is somewhere around 50,000 vehicles (the majority 1/64th ...1/55 to 1/76.!!) But I still have a large number of 1/43rd & have started going smaller to 1/86th! :D
I noticed you do not have Bill Manske's book " Corgi Juniors & Husky models" listed on your reference works?
This is a great book (I contributed a chunk of information to it!)
In the old days, I also contributed to 'Tales of Toy cars' (Summer cars) & 'Majobase' (Majorette).
Carry on with the Excellent job on your site.
All the Best

Janet Henry
08.06.2013 05:43

I have several plastic Chevrolet model cars from 1958-1985 (many in the original plastic and box). I would be intersted to learn if you are interested in purchasing or could direct me to a source Thanks so much.

John Howard
01.04.2013 09:50

FABULOUS COLLECTION! I have a reasonable size also (about 7,500) including 2700 1/43 with the rest in many scales from 1/18 to whatever. I do have many you have but equally you have more I do not again a great collection and one to appreciate and enjoy Congratulations!!!!!!

03.03.2013 14:28

Hallo Daniel, fantastic web page, I wish I would be able to make the same on my collection and all interest.
Best regards

Mark Agnew
28.04.2012 15:06

This is a great site and I am now very proud to have my handbuilt model Ascort added to your collection. Keep up the great work.

10.04.2012 14:53

hello, super site, surtout pour les liens des fabricants de miniature
à bientôt

Ben van Roode
06.04.2012 10:13

Dear Daniel
We started an English version of our Dutch site, directed at everybody that does not read Dutch. We are still constructing it and we have to add more content. Could you please mention it in your list?
Thank you.
Ben van Roode

Viljar Sard
22.12.2011 20:15

You have a nice page . I like it !
Have a nice Christmas time !

Andrew Wood
25.10.2011 18:21

I’ve just been looking at and enjoying your website. I note to that you have a link to one of my websites, thank you very much for this.

I’ve been working on my old website ( for years, it started as a Corgi site but now has a lot of Dinky and Matchbox products on there too. Recently I’ve launched a trading site with what I think is a really nice search engine of my own design (

How do you feel about exchanging links? There’s already a links page on which I’d be happy to add you to, I haven’t added the page to the new site yet – but I’d be happy to feature you there too once it is added.

What do you think? Would you be happy to provide a link to Little Wheels?

Ben van Roode
13.10.2011 10:31

Dear Daniel
Your site is already in my Favorites for a long time.
My name is Ben van Roode. I have more than 40 years of experience in the modelcar world. I was amongst other things President of NAMAC, editor of their magazine, and wrote a book with the title Big boys don't play with Dinky Toys. I wrote and write for several magazines and since last february have a website, together with my brother-in-law Freek van Leeuwen, called Modelaut Krant, We now have more than 5000 visitors each four weeks and the interest is still growing. May I ask you to include our website on your web page. We will of course make a link to your site.
I appreciate your site very much. It is an extensive source of information and up to date. Another question, I do a series of interviews with people that are of interest to the readers of our website. We had PaulLang, Rio Tattarletty, Tom Daniel and so on. I want to do an interview with you too. Thanks
Ben van Roode

anthony ward
12.09.2011 05:00

i have a 1/32 scale 1932 chevy cabriolet never touched.made by the box it came in.with the instruction sheet and the stickers.model#c291-50,and a revell 1911rolls-royce highway pioneers model#h-46:98.never open.want to sell both.trying to find out how much they are worth.both in mint no 205-396-6826

27.08.2011 20:03

A very good website. You should add a Facebook Like button to the website. I have a lot of models myself. They easily take up space in a short space of time.
Keep collecting......

scott catterson
24.08.2011 03:37

i forgot to mention the alfa model is 1/8 scale

scott catterson
24.08.2011 03:33

would you be interested in a pocher torino alfa romeo 2300 monza 1931 model not assembled still ,in the box . if so email me.

dps sisodia
20.05.2011 13:27

You have very interesting collection. Would you be interested in model of a car made from ivory in the early 1900s for an Indian Prince? You could send me a message on my email address.

Millard Fillmore
20.05.2011 11:04

this is a great web site

Trevor Liebenberg
09.05.2011 16:09

I was at your place, great collection

07.05.2011 10:24

Wow this is a great resource.. I’m enjoying it.. good article

C. Chai
12.01.2011 06:44

I sent you email titled "Model car question". I need help with some additional information. Please read and give me a reply, thank you!

Your site is fantastic! It sheds light on less well-known manufacturers and definitely helps me enhance my collection in the way I want to!

Joe Monti
09.12.2010 21:03

I enjoyed viewing your collection. My dad died last year at the age of 94. His collection consisted of 4,000 models - mostly plastic kits that he built. Of the 4,000, approximately 1,000 were cars and trucks. I would be honored if you paid his website a visit. Thanks.