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Kiko was a Brazilian toy manufacturer founded by Arno Kikoler in Rio de Janeiro in 1960. In the 1970s and 1980s, the company made diecast models using moulds from the European manufacturers Corgi, Majorette and Norev. The Corgi models mostly came from the "Corgi Juniors" range of small-scale vehicles, but some larger truck models in the liveries of Brazilian companies were also available. They had both the Corgi and the Kiko logo on the box and on the baseplate. Majorette models in about 1/60th scale, as well as some 1/43rd scale models from the "Jet Car" series by Norev also had an altered text on the baseplate, referring to their Brazilian origin.

Scania LT145
box van "Varig"; Sweden 1975
Kiko (Brazil), no. T100
diecast, scale 1:60; acquired 2019
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