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Mandarin was one of the few indigenuous model car manufacturers from Singapore. Around 1970, the company released a series of diecast models, most of them in 1/55th to 1/64th scale. They were inspired by contemporary Matchbox, Tomica, Majorette and Playart models, but their finish was cruder than that of the original products. In most cases, they were not exact copies, apart from e.g. some trucks made from Playart castings and a VW van originally manufactured by Majorette. A range of 16 Japanese, European and American sports cars, whose prototypes date from 1966 to 1972, was marketed under the Dynamic Gear name. Mandarin also produced racing cars, buses, planes and a series of tanks called Mandico.

VW T2b Transporter
police; Germany 1972
Mandarin (Singapore), no. V520
diecast, scale 1:60; acquired 2012
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