The best known model cars made in Finland are the plastic models in 1/18th to 1/25th scale made from the 1960s to the late 1980s by various manufacturers, first by Nyrhinen, Aren and JuJu, later by Stahlberg and finally by Emek. The range mainly consisted of Volvo and Saab models, which also served as promotional models for both Swedish car companies, but several other models were also produced, e.g. a Mercedes-Benz 200 T and a Toyota Corolla. Emek is still in business today, but specializes in 1/25th scale plastic truck models now. Plasto, a company based in the Ă…land Islands, has produced simple but sturdy plastic toy vehicles since the 1960s. In the 1950s and 1960s already there were several manufacturers of tinplate or plastic toy cars in Finnland; as an example, Muovo made plastic models in various scales between 1/87th and 1/43rd scale as give-aways with sweets of the Chymos and Panda brands. A few diecast models in about 1/43rd scale were also made in those days: Finn Toys produced a racing car model, Muoval a truck model in various liveries (ambulance, postal service). A small current Finnish manufacturer, Air Trax, is specialized in 1/25th scale resin kits. Tractors and commercial vehicles made in Finland by Sisu, Valmet and Valtra have been modelled for instance by Schuco, Universal Hobbies and Joal. A Volvo bus bodied by the Finnish coachbuiler Wiima was released as a 1/72nd scale diecast model in a partwork by Atlas in 2012, and from 2006 on, the Finnish postal service released a series of 1/76th scale post office vehicles, including a Vanaja bus by Motorart and a Nalle Sisu truck by Model Mania, both in 1/76th scale. Motorart, as well as WSI Models from the Netherlands, also made some other models for the Finnish postal service.