Two Belgian companies manufactured diecast model cars: Gasquy-Septoy released several models of cars and commercial vehicles in about 1/43rd scale at the end of the 1940s, including some Belgian FN buses and trucks. Two decades later, Sablon produced a small range of nine diecast models in the same scale. The range included models of BMW, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Renault, Lamborghini and NSU cars which were very detailed, but unfortunately the softener used for the tyres reacted with the plastic of the hubs, which makes it almost impossible to find a model with intact wheels today. Sablon also produced some 1/43rd scale truck models, which were not concerned by the chemical problem. Several small companies have manufactured handbuilt scale models in Belgium: Francorchamps Mini Models, Elitis, Miniacars 43, Liège Scale Models, Sports Models. Speaking of original vehicles from Belgium, models of the Belgian-made Minerva cars were released by Altaya and Ixo as well as by producers of handbuilt models such as ZZ Model. Van Hool buses, also made in Belgium, can be found among others in the ranges by Corgi, Rietze, Joal, Holland Oto and Iconic Replica. 1/72nd scale models of classic Van Hool and Brossel buses have been released in a partwork series made by Atlas. The Gillet Vertigo sports car exists as a 1/43rd scale resin model in various versions by Spark. Finally, Vitesse and Norev produced some Citroën versions as built in Belgium, and Hachette modelled Renault 4 conversions made by the Belgian company Muschang. The 1/87th scale VW Buggy model made by Wiking is an exact copy of the Belgian Apal Jet buggy. Other Apal sports cars have been modelled by Francorchamps Mini Models in 1/43rd scale.