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Metalbox was a Hungarian manufacturer of diecast models in smaller scales based in Budapest. In 1986, the company made contracts with Corgi and Matchbox to produce cars and trucks from the "Corgi Juniors" series and the "Superfast" range by Matchbox for the Eastern European market. Metalbox got the tools from the British manufacturers, but had some issues in relation with providing raw material, maintaining the machinery and negotiating with working councils. Production of the "official" Corgi and Matchbox models thus already ceased in late 1988. In addition to these models, Metalbox also made unauthorized copies of Matchbox, Politoys, and Majorette models. When the Yugoslav Civil War broke out in 1991, the company took over models, parts and distributing rights of the Zastava Yugo model made by AuroMetal and sold the models in its own packages. When Metalbox ran out of the original baseplates and wheels, they replaced it by their own parts.

fuel tanker, red/black; USA 1980
Metalbox (Hungary), no. 177
diecast, scale 1:100; acquired 2018
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