Diecast models of commercial vehicles in 1/43rd and 1/50th scale were made in Brazil in the 1970s and 1980s by Arpra (Supermini range), Jue and Minibrindes. Other Brazilian model car manufacturers released copies of European model cars - which is a parallel to the domestic original car industry, dominated by European and American companies producing cars for the South American market: REI bought castings from the German model car manufacturers Schuco and Siku around 1980, Kiko manufactured re-editions of French Norev and British Corgi models at the same time, and Solido let produce models in Brazil in the 1970s, including three issues that were never sold in the French Solido range: VW Beetle, Chevrolet Opala, Buggy Draco. In the mid-1960s already, Roly Toys had not only manufactured Matchbox models under license, but also some of their own model cars in about 1/64th scale. At about the same time, ATMA Paulista from São Paulo released detailed 1/24th scale plastic models of DKW cars. Several other manufacturers such as Estrela and MIMO produced plastic toy cars. Handbuilt white metal models are made by a company called Modeline in various scales, mostly of cars and trucks as built in Brazil. Another manufacturer, Automodelli, is producing highly detailed resin models in 1/24th, 1/43rd and 1/64th scale. Several other model makers (AMD, Iritani, Alfa, Red Five, RTN) have specialized in 1/20th scale resin models of Formula 1 racing cars which are only made in limited numbers and usually sold in kit form. Models of the Brazilian Copersucar Formula 1 cars were made by Polistil from Italy, Galgo from Argentina and several producers of handbuilt models. "Clássicos nacionais", a partwork of Brazilian cars in about 1/43rd scale, was introduced by Extra, a newspaper of the Globo media group, in early 2010. Another partwork, featuring classic Brazilian cars in exact 1/43rd scale, was introduced by Altaya in 2011. A few models of cars from Brazil (Willys Interlagos, MP Lafer) have also been released in European partwork series.

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