Czech Republic

Since the 1950s model cars have been made in Czechoslovakia. The first models were made of Bakelite, but this material was replaced by plastic in the 1960s. KDN (Kovodruzstvo Nachod; brand name "Miniauto") and Igra modelled various Skodas, Tatras and classic Czech cars in about 1/43rd scale. KDN, Igra, Ites and other manufacturers also released a wide range of plastic models in larger scales. While Igra has produced a series of plastic models in 1/87th scale since the 1980s, Kaden as the successor of KDN has released several diecast models of current Skodas in 1/43rd scale since the 1990s. Around 1990, 1/64th scale diecast models of the Skoda 120 and Favorit were made by Rozkvet VDI from Banska Bystrica in Slovakia. Since 2005 Abrex, a company based in Prague, is producing models of current and classic Skodas in various scales. These models are manufactured in China by Hongwell Cararama. Furthermore, several manufacturers are (or were) producing handbuilt models (VV Model, HB Model, HK Resin Models, ZZ Model, RA Dosly, MACmodel, Retro 43), model kits (Monti System, Smer) or tinplate cars (Gonio, Kovap). The range of the latter includes newly-designed tin models as well as re-editions of ancient German tinplate toys. There have also been some - but very few - models of Czech cars released by foreign model manufacturers, e.g. by Solido, Wiking (Tatra streamlined cars) and recently by Ixo and Altaya (Skoda rally cars and classic Tatras).

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