Models of the Hungarian-built Ikarus buses have been made by s.e.s and BeKa from Germany in 1/87th scale and by various Eastern European producers of handbuilt models in 1/87th and 1/43rd scale, and even Matchbox released a 1/140th scale Ikarus bus in their "1-75" range in 1986. More recently, Ixo made detailed diecast models of Ikarus buses and Hungarian Csepel trucks, mostly for partworks by Atlas. But also Hungarian companies such as Deak, WUMM and Minimodelle produced 1/87th scale models of Ikarus buses and of Hungarian trucks (Csepel, Rába) in the 1980s and 1990s. Tin plate or plastic toy cars in bigger scales were also made in Hungary and mostly marketed under the Lemezárugyár name, and Hungarian copies of older small-scale diecast models from Western Europe were manufactured by companies such as Playmobil Hobby-Cars (mostly Matchbox copies, partly with plastic bodies, late 1970s), Metchy (Matchbox and Siku models, from the mid-1980s), Metalbox (Matchbox and Corgi Juniors, late 1980s) and Metalcar (illegal copies of models by various Western producers). Finally Kaiser, a company based in Budapest, started production of 1:43rd scale resin handbuilt models of classic sports cars in the late 1980s. Another Hungarian manufacturer, Mili, is specialized in handbuilt 1/43rd scale models of Eastern European cars. Models of Hungarian emergency vehicles are currently made by the Chinese company Hongwell Cararama.

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