Models of the Swedish Volvo and Saab cars have been produced in many countries, but rather rarely in Sweden. There are only few exceptions, namely obsolete models by RS Toys (Volvo Carioca diecast model, 1930s), Lenyko and Geno (diecast models of the Volvo PV 444, made in Gothenburg from 1957 to 1963), Cerbo (simple plastic model of the same car, introduced in 1949), SF (Volvo 144 plastic model, around 1970), Galanite (soft plastic models, 1960s and 1970s), Vikingplast and Combiplay (simple plastic models, 1980s). Furthermore, handbuilt models have been made by manufacturers such as André Models, Renko and Electra Models. Brio, famous for its wooden toy trains, released a tinplate model of the Volvo PV 444 already in 1947, wooden models followed later. Another Swedish company, Lemeco, made a few diecast models of foreign cars (Ford Fordor, Austin Devon) in the early 1950s. A more recent model car made in Sweden was released by Playsam in the mid-1990s: a 1/18th scale model of the first Saab car from 1947, entirely made of wood and painted with black high lustre paint. Many Volvo and Saab models were made in other Scandinavian countries. For instance, some 1/43rd scale diecast models of Swedish cars could be found in the ranges of the Danish manufacturers Tekno and Vilmer in the 1960s, and several Finnish companies such as Stahlberg and Emek made big scale plastic promotional models for Volvo and Saab from the 1960s to the 1980s. Since the 1990s, 1/43rd scale diecast models of contemporary and classic Volvos and Saabs can be found in the ranges of Minichamps, Ixo, Hongwell Cararama and many other manufacturers, a particularly wide range of contemporary cars and commercial vehicles was offered by Motorart in the 2000s. Handbuilt models of classic Swedish cars have been made by Somerville and Brooklin (for the RobEddie range) in England and by Tin Wizard in Germany. While several model car manufacturers have modelled Swedish Scania trucks, diecast models of the Koenigsegg super sports cars can be found in the Autoart, Ixo and FrontiArt ranges.